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We offer the best quality Marble Floor Cleaning And Polishing In Delhi-NCR for both private and business premises. We work in diamond cleaning of floor. My group works rapidly and productively giving a high gloss marble floor polishing solution. We guarantee you that your walls won't get dirtied amid the floor cleaning process. 

Floor Polishing Service In Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon/Gurugram

The market is brimming with numerous organizations offering different items, each encouraging great quality finish. It takes an accomplished organization to separate between the different offerings and present the best one to the customer. 

Our first class Marble Floor Cleaning Services takes after the underneath procedure-:

  • Beginning with floor honing/grinding to kill lippage 
  • Completely filling of ugly joints and cracks 
  • Special treatment of delicate marble to boost hardness for wanted retention of brightness 
  • Honing/Grinding of floor to make it smooth 
  • Making the floor dynamically smooth by utilizing branded diamond polishing pads/grits. 
  • To additionally enhance shine/gloss, we have an assortment of means like crystallization with Nobile from Taski. 
  • Shine can be additionally improved with recrystallisation process or vitrification process utilizing Terranova 
  • With a specific end goal to make floor stains-safe, we offer floor filling utilizing the best quality sealers 
  • Lastly floor buffing 

The majority of the organizations offering marble floor polishing/cleaning service don't have the required machines for polishing/cleaning. A quality floor cleaning machine must be of no less than 80 kilograms weight to give appropriate grinding. We at SR Marble Polishing Solutions utilize branded Taski single disc machine– a pioneer in excellent floor cleaning/polishing.

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