Marble Floor Polishing Cost In Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad & Faridabad

All you need to know about Marble Floor Polishing Cost

Your expensive stone floors are not something that can be changed easily, so, it is important that we take good care of our floors and get them buffed and polished regularly. In this blog post, we reveal floor polishing cost in Delhi and NCR so that you can take an informed decision when you decide to get your floors renovated.

Everyday cleaning and maintenance is important, but definitely not enough. Even with impeccable maintenance, stone or mosaic floor retain stains & scratches which can cause permanent damage if left unchecked.  To prevent this from occurring, it is essential that we get our floors cleaned and buffed regularly and also get floor grinding and polishing done professionally.

This article explains everything from floor restoration cost to marble floor polishing cost and how it is calculated.

Cost of Floor Cleaning Services

1. Floor Scrubbing

What floor scrubbing?

It is the process of thoroughly cleaning your floor with a Single Disc Machine (a heavy industrial cleaning machine) using scrubbing pads. The process removes dirt from otherwise inaccessible nooks & corners of the floor. Please note that this process only cleans the floor surface and does not increase its shine or gloss.

 Floor Types

  • Stone floors like Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Slate etc
  • Concrete
  • Mosaic
  • Tiles
  • Exception: Wooden Floor

Floor Scrubbing Prices in Delhi & NCR

  • ₹ 5/sq.ft. for an area above 500 sq.ft.

2. Floor Buffing

What is it?

Buffing is the process of cleaning and enhancing the gloss & shine of the floor. Special buffing pads are used in this process to make sure that the original finish or polish of the stone is not affected. It is especially effective on wooden floor as the delicate texture and finish of the wood remains intact.

Floor Type

  • Floors with finished surface
  • Wooden Floor

Floor Buffing cost

  • ₹ 15/sq.ft. for an area above 500 sq.ft.


3. Floor Polishing Cost

What is it?

Floor polishing is the process of scrubbing the floor intensively to remove all the dust and dirt. This is followed by massaging the floor with polish powder to make it shine & increase the gloss. Polishing removes mild scratches, water, acid, coffee, tea and other organic stains.

Floor Type:

  • Stones like Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Slate etc
  • Mosaic

Floor Polishing Prices

  • Floor Polishing cost is between ₹ 15-20/sq.ft
  • ₹ 4000 flat for areas less than 200 sq.ft
  • Floor polishing cost depends on
    • Floor Type (Indian Marble, Italian marble, Granite etc)
    • Floor Condition
    • Client requirement

4. Floor Grinding & Polishing Cost

What is it?

Floor Polishing is preceded by Floor Grinding, which is the process of removing a thin layer of stone floor using a various types of grits on a Single Disc Machine. Grinding completely removes tough stains and scratches from the floor, making it the ultimate solution to all kinds of floor related problems (except broken floors in which case the grout put in the gaps would show).

Floor Type:

  • Stones like Marble, Granite, Sandstone etc
  • Mosaic

Floor Grinding & Polishing Prices

  • Costs between ₹ 35-40/sq.ft
  • Exact rate depends on
    • Floor Type (Indian Marble, Italian marble, Granite etc)
    • Floor Condition
    • Client requirement

Add-On Services:

  • Sealer (₹ 5/sq.ft extra):
    The addition of sealer enhances the water resistance of the floor, thereby preventing liquids from penetrating into the stone and staining it.

Floor Restoration Cost Summary:

ServiceCost/sq.ft Min AreaFloor Type
Floor Scrubbing₹ 5500All types of floor except Wooden
Floor Buffing₹ 15150Floors with Finished Surface, Wooden Floor
Floor Polishing₹ 15 – 25200Stone Floor, Mosaic
Floor Grinding & Polishing₹ 35 – 65200Stone Floor, Mosaic

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